I (Ben Snyder)  wasn’t always a social media manager, helping small businesses and bands make their name number one. I started off as a struggling musician working and saving money from one gig to the next. So I decided to take my music in a new direction. This started by doing social media and band management. Within months my band had gigs and fans. Other bands began to take notice and ask for assistance with their social media.

That is when injury struck, my back injury prevented me from playing drums. This led me to social media as a full time career.  Through my work with bands and their social media I got my first small business client. After making them content leaders in their field, I expanded to create Complete Social Media Solutions.

This business is different because it focuses on making the client a community leader. We are also different because we work to connect with the audience and make them fans of the business.  Since then our business has grown not only helping businesses but bands too.

If you want your business or band to become community leaders this is the place contact us now for your free personalized plan.

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