Number one secret to becoming a successful band in the digital age


Ever wonder why so many bands become famous with little talent and songs that sound like everything else you hear on the radio?  When before streaming bands used to become famous through luck and talent. But now that social media, streaming music and YouTube exist, bands become famous through targeted ads and exposure. If your band doesn’t have a strong internet presence then they can be left in the dust, even if you have the talent. Here are some ways you can look great on social media.

  1. A Sleek Website

These days you need a sleek looking website, along with easy to access streaming music. More than that, you need to be on all the social networks. Having  social media credibility will help more fans follow you. Plus it gives your fans a kind of personal access, seeing you tweet about creating a new album, or learning about what you do with your off time on Snap Chat. Plus most labels won’t even listen to your music until you have thousands of followers on Twitter.

  1. You Tube Videos

YouTube is also becoming a social force in the music industry. You don’t need a million dollar music video to make your music stick out, instead you just need great sound quality on a studio video or good sound quality of a very well attended concert.  Even easier than that some bands have taken to gimmicks like wearing masks or writing tunes about current events to get hits on You Tube.

  1. Branding

A mistake most bands make is with branding, causing their audience to not be able to find, or know it is your band. Branding will help you audience always recognize you, no matter what platform you are on or whether it is a video, audio, writing or interview. By bringing all these different formats together you can create a familiar presence that helps your current fans find you and your new fans learn more about you.

What to do with Social Media

One of the best parts of social media is that you can find your niche, so if you play jam band-bluegrass music there are fans out there for you. Social media can help you find out where these fans talk about this type of music, where they go to listen to it, and where they stream it. This can help you find bigger audiences and play at the venues that host your style of music. If you can get in front of an audience that likes your style of music already, you have greater chance of converting them into diehard fans of your band.

How does all this online presence put money in my pocket? Having a social media network will also help venues find your band,  labels see your work, and news sites to find you when you start creating buzz.  The old saying goes you must walk the walk before you can talk the talk. Which means you got to look professional before anyone can accept you as a professional musician.  Social Media is the one secret that can help your band become successful online.


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